Connect to our ipv6 services via ipv4

Connection via service

If you do not have the technical ability and an ipv6 address to connect to a VPS ordered from us with only an ipv6 address, then you can use our new service to connect to it using an ipv4 address.
Look at the email sent to you when you created your VPS.
In it you will find the port number that must be specified when connecting via ssh.
Login: root
Connection address:

Standard example for connecting from the Linux console:

ssh -p101010

where 101010 is the port number from the letter.

Direct connection to VPS

All our data centers fully support operation via ipv6.
And if your provider uses ipv6, then you can connect directly to your server without any problems.

ssh root@2a00:b700:2::2:131

Also, you can use your old ordered VPS with ipv4 to connect and manage new servers with only ipv6.
The cost of a VPS with ipv6 is significantly lower, despite the fact that it has similar functionality and the same capabilities that a regular ipv4 server provides. And sometimes even big.